Traffic Ticket Attorney in Florida

If you’ve had a traffic citation, you could be faced with fines, increased auto insurance premiums, and other penalties. To avoid having points added to your driving record and your license suspended, your first priority should be seeking the help of a skilled attorney.

The Tix Team focuses in legal defense for fighting traffic tickets in Florida. Our law firm has extensive experience assisting clients with speeding tickets and other traffic violations. Whether you have one or more ticket, you’ll need the services of a dedicated lawyer who can aggressively represent your best interests concerning a traffic citation.

How We Can Help

We understand how to dispute tickets due to mistakes made by law enforcement, and have repeated success in getting fines dismissed or charges reduced. Rather than handling your ticket yourself, it’s a smart choice to have an experienced attorney help you fight your citation.

Finding yourself in any kind of legal trouble creates stress and a feeling of uncertainty. Will my driving record remain intact? Will I be harmed by tickets in the future? These are common questions when facing a traffic ticket. At the Tix Team, we take all of your concerns seriously to ensure that your rights are protected. Whether the ticket is for speeding, running a red light, or any other form of careless driving, you will benefit from the experience of our legal team.

In Florida, the DMV Point System is used, which means that each traffic infraction is worth a certain amount of demerit points. For instance, 3 points are levied for a speeding ticket from 0 to 15 miles per hour over the speed limit. The points accumulate on your driving record, and can result in your license being suspended. A knowledgeable traffic ticket lawyer can help you fight these accusations and protect your driving privileges. Our firm provides legal representation for:

Our Legal Team

Our lead attorney, Robert Hidock, has been practicing in the areas of criminal defense and traffic violation defense his entire career. He now focuses 100 percent on defending Florida drivers and tourists in traffic-related matters. He has a reputation for aggressively defending the rights of the accused and understands how the local courts, officers and traffic laws can affect your case. He has extensive experience with the legal system and knows how to get best possible outcome for Florida traffic offenses.

In 1973, Attorney Hidock relocated from New York to the Sunshine State, where he has remained for 35 years. After attaining his Juris Doctor from Barry University School of Law in Central Florida, he began his long-standing law practice in Florida. Mr. Hidock has maintained the importance of trial strategy and legal advocacy throughout his career. He has tried numerous State felony, misdemeanor and criminal traffic cases, as well as cases involving traffic infractions, and has a strong track record to prove his success.

Attorney Hidock is available 24 hours a day to help you fight your traffic violation. He will walk you through the legal process, answer your questions and ensure that you are fully informed about your case as it progresses. He will work hard to educate you about the facts of your case and help you fight for your rights so that you can move forward with your life.

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At the Tix Team, we are always available to take your calls and have assisted thousands of people with cases just like yours. We will help you prevent increased insurance rates, keep your driving record clean and fight for your rights. We offer a free evaluation to determine if you have a potential legal case. Contact our law office today to discuss your concerns and determine how to proceed regarding your traffic citation.

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