Orlando Red Light Violations Attorney

Orlando has traffic light cameras and you can face large fines if a camera records you going through a signal. A law enforcement officer can also pull you over and issue a citation for going through a stop light. If either of these things happen to you, call The Tix Team to speak with an Orlando red light violations lawyer. Your attorney can provide you with legal advice and advocacy as you fight the citation and can answer important questions including:

  • What are the consequences of conviction for running a red light?
  • Are there options to defend against accusations of running a red?
  • How can an attorney with experience handling traffic violations help me fight a red light ticket?

What are the Consequences of Conviction for Going Through a Stoplight in Orlando?

A traffic light violation means a fine if you are caught on a camera. The fine is generally set at $158 for a motorist who gets an automated ticket at a stoplight. You do not get points on your license for an automated ticket, although you can be assessed demerit points if a law enforcement officer pulls you over and cites you for running a red.  If you do not pay the automated ticket by the date due, a $262 Uniform Traffic Citation is issued. The Uniform Traffic Citation will result in a record entry linked to your driver’s license.

Options to Defend Against Accusations of a Red Light Violation

Just because you have been accused of running a stop light does not mean you have to accept that you are guilty of the violation. You can challenge an automated ticket and you can challenge a citation issued by a law enforcement officer.

The best legal arguments to make and the right approach to responding to the citation is going to vary depending on how you got the ticket and what evidence there is against you. If you got a ticket from a traffic camera and someone else was in your car, avoiding the ticket is as simple as submitting an affidavit indicating who was actually behind the wheel. If you were operating the vehicle at the time, it is a good idea to get a lawyer to help you find the right arguments to make and the right response to your citation to try and minimize the chances of being found guilty of violating traffic light laws.

How Can an Orlando Red Light Violations Lawyer Help Me?

The Tix Team has successfully represented many people throughout Orlando who have been accused of running a traffic signal. Our attorneys will carefully evaluate the evidence against you and help you decide on a strategic response. Whether this means pleading not guilty, or trying to go to traffic school or negotiate a plea deal to avoid points on your license, the goal is always to minimize the penalties and get you out of traffic court unscathed. To learn more about how we can help, give us a call today.