Red Light Violations

If you are like most people in Orlando, you have probably run a red light at least once in your life and unfortunately for many drivers, this action will result in a police stop and a traffic ticket. Florida law makes it illegal to disobey traffic signals and signs, and if a police officer ever observes a driver breaking and of these laws, they will pull them over an write them a ticket. Of all the types of traffic violations, running a red light is considered to be one of the most dangerous. Countless people are injured and killed each year in Orlando because of people disobeying traffic signals, so police and judges take this offense very seriously.

If you have been ticketed for running a red light, an Orlando traffic violation lawyer from The Tix Team will represent you and help you fight the ticket. Many times, a driver will consider a traffic signal to still be yellow when a police officer considers it to be red. In these situations, it is one person’s word against the others, and even the judgment of law enforcement officials can sometimes be skewed. It is important in these situations that you have an experienced legal advocate backing you up, providing you with the support and guidance you need to prove yourself and effectively fight the ticket.

Most individuals who are ticketed for running red lights in Orlando simply pay the ticket so that they can quickly resolve the issue. Contrary to popular belief, they are not actually resolving anything, but instead will have points put on their Florida driver licenses that may result in license suspension or an increased auto insurance rate. These consequences are long lasting and inconvenient to say the least, which is why it’s so important to have an experienced attorney helping you to avoid these penalties altogether.

If you have been given a ticket for running a red light, contact an Orlando traffic ticket defense attorney at The Tix Team today!