Commercial Drivers & Traffic Violations

If you’re a commercial driver and receive a traffic violation, your career may be at risk. The Tix Team defends truckers, school bus drivers, and others with a commercial license who receive a traffic charge in Florida.

What happens if I’m a commercial driver and get a traffic violation?

The impact of a traffic charge or violation depends on the circumstances. Your employer’s policies on your driving record, whether you were in a personal or commercial vehicle, or if you have prior traffic convictions can all determine the severity of your charge and the effect it will have on your commercial drivers license.

If you are convicted of an offense like impaired driving, federal law will require the suspension or even revocation of your commercial license. Even more minor offenses, like speeding or running a red light, can lead to points on your license or the loss of your license if your behavior constitutes reckless driving. Many employers have zero tolerance policies against traffic violations so it’s important to hire a traffic defense attorney that will fight for you in court as well as one who is aware of the latest updates to the law on which charges will suspend your license and what we can do to stop that.

What are your options?

If you are concerned about how a traffic crime or moving violation will affect your license, avoid admitting guilt or paying the fine for a traffic citation. Paying the fine or pleading guilty means you’ve acknowledged you broke the law, and can trigger a suspension of your CDL even if you never go into court. Hiring a traffic defense attorney can give you more options.

Your defense attorney may be able to arrange a plea deal with the prosecutor or the police officer so you face lesser charges and keep points or convictions off your driving record.  An attorney may also be able to help you to introduce reasonable doubt about guilt or raise defenses like necessity in order to avoid a guilty verdict and keep your ability to drive for work.
The right option depends upon the nature of the charges, the quality of the prosecutor’s evidence, and any evidence that can be uncovered through an investigation conducted by our experienced attorneys.

How can the Tix Team help you?

At the Tix Team, we know how much your license matters to your livelihood. We’ll be there from the beginning, helping you to take a strategic approach so you can avoid being found guilty of a traffic offense that could affect your future.

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