Traffic Tickets

When you receive a traffic ticket, you don’t have to just pay the fine. You have more options. An experienced traffic defense attorney from the Tix Team will provide you with the legal assistance you need to keep your driving record clean.

What happens when you get a traffic ticket?

You can receive a traffic ticket is you violate any traffic law. You can get three or four points on your license just for speeding, and more points for certain other violations like leaving a crash scene if you caused $50 or more in property damage. Just 12 points in a year can result in license suspension. You can also face higher insurance costs and disqualification from careers where a clean driving record is a necessity.

What are your options?

When you pay the citation, you admit guilt that you violated those road rules. You have more options to minimize penalties or avoid them all together. Instead of paying the fine, you should consider attending traffic school before points are put on your license, or going to traffic court to fight the ticket entirely and plead not guilty.

Depending on your ticket and the evidence the law enforcement officer has against you, there are a lot of ways to fight your citation. Our traffic ticket lawyers will provide you legal advice tailored to your case and we will bring our experience to the table to help you get the best outcome you can.

How can the Tix Team help you?

An experienced traffic ticket lawyer can obtain evidence, investigate the circumstances of your citation, and help you to put together the strongest defense you can after you are ticketed for a moving violation. The consequences are too high to try to handle the ticket on your own, and you need a legal advocate who is looking out for you.

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