Jordan Ostroff


Jordan Ostroff is a lifetime Floridian who understands the difficulty of driving in this state. He made the move to Orlando to attend the University of Central Florida and stayed in the city beautiful to attend law school at Barry University. Starting in 2012, he handled thousands of traffic cases across the state as a prosecutor. His experience ranged from people speeding through traffic all way up to drug offenses, burglaries and DUI Manslaughter and attempted murder cases.  After 3 years as an ASA, he made the switch to the defense side, to fight on behalf of people accused of all levels of crimes.


Jordan’s experience from both the state and defense sides allow him to look at a case with many perspectives. He understands the kind of evidence the state presents to convict people of traffic violations and knows how to prepare to fight those claims. Jordan and the Tix Team collaborate to fight for every single client.

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