Red Light Tickets

Volusia Traffic Ticket Attorney

Although we may have all done it at some point or other, running a red light can be a very dangerous traffic violation. Red light infringements are common to many accidents involving property damage, injuries or fatalities. Therefore, these infringements are taken seriously and given stiff penalties. If you receive a red light traffic violation, you will not only be given a heavy fine, you will also be given points on your Florida driving record and be charged with higher insurance rates.

This ticket and its consequences can be fought, however. Often a driver may believe the traffic light was yellow, while the law enforcement officer maintains it was red. In some cases the judgment of the officer may have been inhibited. In the case of red light cameras, mechanical or clerical errors can occur. If you have been the recipient of a red light infringement, the team at The Tix Team may be able to help you dismiss your citation. Contact a Volusia traffic ticket lawyer today to discuss the circumstances of your ticket today.

Red Light Citation Consequences & Defense

Red light violations are a heavily enforced traffic infringement in Volusia and result in thousands of tickets every year. If you elect to pay your fine and do nothing else you will receive 4 points on your Florida driver’s license. On some occasions, further traffic tickets may be given along with the red light infringement such as speeding tickets, which will compound your penalty further. If you have been the recipient of a red light citation or have received other traffic tickets, we may be able to assist you. Our experienced team understands the law relating to traffic citations and can help you protect your rights and avoid a possible license suspension if you should have too many points on your record due to traffic violations.

Contact a Volusia traffic ticket attorney today to discuss the facts of your ticket and any legal avenues to dismissing your citation.